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I started working exclusively through Metaverse. These are my first impressions.

In the last week I have started working exclusively through Metaverse. These are my first impressions.

One of the best applications of VR/AR and the Metaverse by extension, is in the way we work and educate ourselves (and gaming of course).

Personally, I work exclusively remotely. This has some negatives. For example, you are alone most of the time. Also, you have your “good setup” somewhere, and then you move with a laptop wherever you want.

Through Metaverse I have managed to solve both of these problems.

First, I now work in virtual co-working places with others from all over the world. I make acquaintances, we talk when we want and PERFECTLY you put them on mute when you want to concentrate.

At the same time, in my metaverse setup I have 4 huge monitors (or 5, or 1) wherever I go, while I literally change my setup with a click.

I change environments with a single tap and from a cafe I can be transported to a chalet in the mountains, in space or even some fantasy environment.

This flexibility helps me a lot. I am at home, but at the same time I am everywhere.

At the same time I am networking randomly and have attended masterminds and conferences only from people I met there. If you want, the experience is completely social, if not, I am transferred to your personal space with one click.

We meet at the same “places” and now I can say we hang out, although I only know them by their voices and avatars.

I am convinced that especially in the next 1-2 versions of the hardware that will improve the resolution and certainly make the headset smaller, the computer will then be unnecessary for me. We also expect a headset from Apple within the year, which could change everything immediately.

If you have a VR headset, try it. It’s an unprecedented experience to say the least.

Have tried this? Any tips? Recommendations ?

p.s. The main app I use is called Immersed. You ?

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