Google made a big step closer to AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). Why we need to pay attention.

With Google’s recent innovation, which shown a considerable drop in mistake rates, quantum computing is moving closer to becoming a reality. This has been a long-standing challenge for the technology. The strength of quantum computing rests in its usage of qubits that may simultaneously represent 0 and 1, enabling the processing of a huge number of possible outcomes at once.

AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), a system that can think, learn, and reason like humans, may be developed as a result of the marriage of quantum computing with AI, according to researchers.

Although while AI has advanced significantly in recent years, it still has its limitations. Existing AI systems lack human-like reasoning and learning capabilities and are instead narrowly focused on tasks like picture recognition or language translation. The full potential of AI might be unlocked by quantum computing, which would enable it to learn and think in ways that are not now feasible.

Adding Quantum competing to the mix

Quantum computing has the potential to resolve issues that conventional computers are now unable to. It also has the potential to revolutionize the science of cryptography by processing an immense number of possible outcomes at once, increasing the security of data and communication.

AGI and quantum computing may also work together to produce even greater advancements. It is feasible to find solutions to complicated issues that are currently intractable by using artificial intelligence that is able to learn and reason like humans. This might result in important developments in a variety of fields, like medicine, energy, and the environment.

The hazards and moral issues that could arise from the advancement of AGI and quantum computing, however, must be carefully considered. It is crucial to make sure that these technologies are developed responsibly, ethically, and with careful consideration of the possible ramifications as they continue to advance.

A perfect storm

The “perfect storm” is the confluence of AI with quantum computing. Many businesses, including finance, healthcare, and transportation, stand to benefit from it. It might result in the creation of novel materials, improved medicine research, and possibly a revolution in space travel.

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The potential advantages do come, however, with considerable risks. AGI could cause a substantial shift in the labor market by displacing many workers with machines that can complete tasks more quickly and accurately. This can cause social and economic unrest, leaving many people behind.

AGI development may potentially raise ethical issues, particularly in relation to the issue of who will be in charge of the technology. A huge investment would be needed to achieve AGI, and this investment would probably come from governments or large enterprises. It is crucial to give considerable thought to the issue of who owns technology and how it is applied.

All I know is that no single entity should hold the keys to such power, and in order to avoid an outcome like that, we should start taking serious action today.