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By GeorgiosMarch 4, 2021In BlogJust blogging

Happiness is a habit!

Happiness. Everyone is looking for it. Right?

Here’s a misconception. Happiness is not a destination. Happiness is not something you should be looking for. Its not like, if you find happiness, you will be happy for the rest of your life.

Happiness is a byproduct. Its a byproduct of your daily actions.

If you do things you love, you will feel happy. For that moment. If you do more and more of the things you love, you will be experience many more happy moments. Its simple math.

But before all that, we need to train ourselves to be able to spot those moments and take the time to “inhale” them. Its not easy you see.

These days, people run like headless chickens. From meeting to meeting, from “stuff to do” to “stuff to do” without a real goal. And days go by, just like that.

It’s almost crazy. We train ourselves to a million different skills, but we miss maybe the most important one.

How many times a day do you stop whatever you are doing, just to observe the moment? Just to appreciate whats already into you life?

Give yourself the time to taste that espresso in Rome, to appreciate that conversation he is having by the fireplace, to smell that wet ground after the rain. We don’t do that. We rush into things.

By talking the time to breath and feel deeply what we do now, what we eat, what we feel at that specific moment, we expand time. We live longer in a sense.

Try to have that little thought in your mind. Create the habit of stopping and be in the moment. Happiness is hidden in those moments. Don’t let them go by that easily.

All we have is time. Use it wisely.

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