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By GeorgiosFebruary 22, 2021In BlogJust bloggingThoughts

Why we always return ?

What’s the reason we keep doing what we do ? Why are keep repeating tasks and conversations over and over again.

This weekend I found my self on the mountains. Every time I have some time I try to escape the “normal” life and meet nature one to one. Its those times that my mind wonders into the deep thoughts about life and purpose.

In my everyday life what I do is really creative. I connect daily with intelligent people who create amazing things to make the world a better place. And I have the chance to help and guide some of them in order to scale and reach their goals.

No day is the same with the other. I’m blessed that way.

On the other hand I run my businesses. The day to day there is a bit more predictable but I really can’t say what is going to happen more than 48 hours ahead. Some people find that scary. I find that fascinating.

If you try to book a call with me today, my calendar won’t allow you to book anything more than 48 hours after today. I want to be open to new possibilities. I want to “not know” what is going to happen and have the sense that I am creating my future one day at a time.

Back to the mountains, time stays still. Its the proof that Einstein was right on his theory. People in the village live more life. Less exciting maybe, but they live more. Time expands and shrinks. Village time is expanding for sure.

We went for a walk in the forest. We feed the sheep and cut some wood for the fireplace. Picked some fruit from the trees and some grass from the ground. We don’t get the chance to do such activities in the city.

The crazy thing is that you don’t need much time to adopt to those new circumstances. For yourself this is the normal. Your DNA knows and acknowledges the familiarity here. Is like meeting an old friend. Like riding a bicycle.

But again, the weekend will be over and we’ll come back to this “new normal” of the noisy city.

Why not stay where it feels right?

For me everything boils down to the sense of purpose.

Why do you live? Whats your goal, if any?

I vividly remember that since I was a little boy I liked to create and build stuff. And that’s what I still do till this day. I love the process of making something from nothing.
Something that people will use and make their lives just a bit better. That’s why I always return.
If you want to touch many lives, you have to be where most lives take place. To smell and taste the same things. Otherwise the touch gets lost. And you can’t help someone without knowing what he needs. Can you?

Thats why I always return. My normal is where people are. Where I can have an impact.

But don’t get me wrong. My meet-ups with nature are more and more often as I grow older. I need nature close. To me and my family.

Its all about balance at the end. The perfect balance for you and the people you love.

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