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The Eternal August of Artificial Intelligence!

August is for many of us the month of relaxation and escape from everyday life. It’s the season when we close our ears to bad news, disconnect from our professional duties and let our minds wander to more pleasant thoughts.

Unfortunately, we seem to be in a permanent state of “August” relaxation when it comes to one of the most important issues of our time: artificial intelligence. Although developments in this field are rapid and raise serious ethical and social dilemmas, our attitude as a whole humanity seems to be characterized by indifference, ignorance and passive acceptance.

Artificial intelligence is not a front-page issue in the mass media, nor a priority on political agendas. Citizens rarely discuss or protest the dangers of algorithms that shape their lives. Tech companies continue unperturbed to develop ever more powerful AI systems without substantive consultation or oversight.

Instead of putting artificial intelligence at the center of public debate, collectively seeking solutions to the risks it poses, and claiming its benefits under justice, we seem willing to let it evolve without much intervention or supervision. As if we are in a permanent state of “August” relaxation, closing our eyes to ominous implications.

Yet now is the critical time to be vigilant. To set limits on the reckless application of technologies that raise concerns about violating our privacy and autonomy. To ensure that AI will be used for human benefit and not against humans. To secure that its benefits will be distributed fairly and not exacerbate social inequalities.

We cannot afford to continue playing ostrich. The future is being shaped now and we must stake an active role in determining it. So let’s get out of the August lethargy and finally open our eyes to the challenges and opportunities artificial intelligence brings.

The “eternal August” is not an option.

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