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OpenAI CEO Admits to Being ‘a Little Scared’ of AI: CTO warns for a point of no return.

Artificial Intelligence is a fascinating technology that has sparked interest in global scale. According to Sam, that’s because it enables individuals to create, learn, and perform a variety of jobs and the reason AI applications like ChatGPT developed by companies like OpenAI have grown immensely popular. But, there are also substantial hazards associated with AI, and there are worries that if the technology is not properly regulated, it might have disastrous effects.

In a recent ABC interview (video bellow), Sam Altman and Mira Murati, two executives at OpenAI, talk about their ideas, concerns, and viewpoints regarding the advancement of AI in a video bellow. The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, acknowledges that AI is amusing humans and that they can use it to their advantage in a variety of ways. He underlines how exploration and ingenuity are rewarded by AI as a technology. Altman is aware of the unknowns that come with AI, which can be both thrilling and worrisome.

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The potential for AI to be exploited for extensive disinformation campaigns or aggressive cyberattacks is one of the main worries about it. Sam Altman thinks that if AI is created properly and applied to all, these concerns can be reduced.

A point of no return

Altman’s fears regarding the advancement of AI are shared by Mira Murati, CTO of OpenAI. She cautions that if we do not take responsible action and reduce the risks associated with the technology, AI progress may reach a point of no return. We might be in for permanent effects if this happens. Thus, it is imperative to take action right away and guarantee that AI is created ethically and utilized for the good of everybody.

AI in the hands of totalitarian regimes

Sam Altman also expressed concern over the potential development of AI by totalitarian regimes. He is concerned that these governments might employ AI to subjugate democratic institutions, stifle opposition, and manipulate their citizens. He contends that it is crucial to make sure that ethical values that put human rights and liberties first serve as a guide for the development of AI.

Disinformation at another level

One of the worst possible outcomes, according to Altman, is the potential for large-scale disinformation using AI models. He also expressed concern that as AI systems get better at writing computer code, they could be used for offensive cyber attacks.

He also agrees that there is a fierce worldwide race to create the most sophisticated and powerful AI technology and that AI research is not taking place in a vacuum. He cautions that authoritarian governments might seize the lead in AI research if the United States and other democratic nations do not, with potentially disastrous effects for human rights and global democracy.

Altman and Murati both concur that there is a fierce worldwide race to create the most cutting-edge and sophisticated AI technology. They both believe that the development of AI is not taking place in a vacuum. They think it’s imperative that the US and other democratic nations take the lead in developing AI. Authoritarian governments may employ AI to erode democracy and human rights if they take the initiative.

Watch the full interview bellow. It’s eye-opening especially if you can read between the lines.

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