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By GeorgiosApril 11, 2017In Just blogging

A war and 4.1 miles of terror. Now you know..

We all know. But do we? We all care. But do we ?

This documentary was shot by DAPHNE MATZIARAKI in one single day on the island of Lesbos. Everything you see, happens daily on the Greek islands just miles from the Turkish coast.

What people ask for, is help and support. They may get an Oscar.

Shame on me! Shame on you!

I’m such a coward. Writing these words from the comfort of my warm home. Being sad about that fucking business deal that didn’t go that well. Worrying about things that don’t fucking matter after all.

There are heroes among us. We need to honour them every single day.

I hope those drown children in the bottom of the Aegean sea, may forgive me someday. For never giving them the chance to live. For letting them face only the worse in their short terrifying life.

We are all accomplices now. We are together into this.

Now we know…

Numb. Not comfortably..

And as Daphne notes in her NY Times article:

And it raises questions about our collective responsibility — the choices we all make for ourselves, and for others. We don’t all confront the refugee crisis with the same immediacy as the coast guard captain portrayed here. But as our world becomes more interconnected, and more violent, we do all face a choice — would we act as he does, to save the life of stranger? Or would we turn away?

ps. Daphne Matziaraki is a Greek documentary filmmaker who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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